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Tool for visual creatives

The easy to use projection mapping player.

The snappy way to map your video onto any surface and into any shape you like.


Amplify reality. Tell your story!

How  KU works

4. Close down your computer and leave KU to play 24/7


1. Connect KU to your projector


2. Upload content wirelessly via the manager app on your computer


3. Map your content to any surface and into any shape you like


About KU

You already know reality! Expand your vision, broaden your perceptions and enhance the world. That is what we do! A lighting projection player that makes it possible to enjoy your favourite content on any surface and lets you warp the image in any shape. All in a rugged case holding the intuitive mapping software. Powered by Raspberry Pi, KU is a reliable 24/7 player.

Who can use it?

Everyone really! Originally designed for digital artists, performing artists, art directors and creatives, KU is also a powerful tool for marketers, designers, architects, lighting designers, event managers, museum directors and everyone that wants to amplify reality by adding a new layer with projection light.


Our mission... To unleash your creative power!

Features & technical specifications


Raspberry PI 3 Model B: 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex

A53 -1 GB LPDDR2 RAM - 16Gb MicroSDHC

HDMI output up to 1920x1080, audio over HDMI

Ethernet port

Analog audio (3.5 stereo jack) port

WiFi Access Point/Client connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity

Power button

Reset button

I/O terminals

Aluminum case

RTC battery clock


Onboard mapping & playback software

autonomous agenda-controlled playback

networked playback

remote-controlled playback


Desktop management software

content upload & management

map, scale, stretch, crop, mask the content

playlist management

agenda management



Mobile app

remote control

playlist control


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